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Text Box: → Environmental Computing  (conclusion)
Use the web, the internet allows access to a vast amount of information and benefits that can save you time and travel expenses, these include:
Online Banking:  (it is safe, use it!  you will never go back to waiting  in line)
Government Services: most forms, and applications can be downloaded from their Website, you can make payments, requests, or even consult your tax returns online. 
Plan your trip, get and print your e-tickets without leaving your desk.
Read the news, e-books and thousands of magazines online
Find a telephone or address in seconds, without using all those obsolete yellow books.
Share your photos, or any other document without printing
Do research on any topic including heath issues
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Text Box: TIPS - GPS Technology

Backup Strategies  (all computers will fail at one time or another!)

Backup frequently: Depending on how critical your data is, you should backup daily, weekly or at least twice a month.

Test your backups : Every few months do a backup and recovery test to see if your backups are really working.

Update your backup procedures: As your information grows your backup procedures should be updated to include all these new directories.

Keep one backup off-site: In the worst case scenario this is a life saver.

Don’t rely on automated procedures: Unless the procedure reports to you the backup results via some mechanism, perform the backup yourself to ensure that the backup completed successfully.

Use generic technology: As you probably have noticed equipment becomes obsolete very quickly in IT, don't’ rely on manufacturers that use proprietary technology that will either disappear or become outdated in a couple of years.



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Did you Know ?

GPS is a technology that is revolutionizing personal travel; these devices know exactly where you are and will give you street by street directions to your destination.

Most GPS’s have full street maps of North America and Europe, a voice that announces directions and  a service that locates nearby points of interest such as: banks, gas stations, parks, hotels, restaurants etc.  Most are portable and include additional features such as an MP3 player, language translators, unit conversion.

Most people have not yet used or purchase a GPS because:

a) Believe they are too difficult to use
b) Don’t think that they really work
c)  Think that they are too expensive

The fact is that it will take you probably less than 2 hours to learn how to use one, prices are dropping and they do work, so well in fact that you will wonder how you ever did without one.