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IT CAN BE, but you have to choose wisely among the hundreds of free and paid sites out there. Free services usually place a limit on file sizes and delete files a week to a month after the last time they’re downloaded, which makes them great for sharing photos or documents but pretty useless for long-term storage. Some sites are fly-by-night operations that rely on banner ads– I the ads don't pay off, the sites, along with your files, can just disappear.
If you want to save files indefinitely, you’ll need to pony up some cash for a subscription-model site. Just be sure to choose one with the option of secure downloads or password  protection. Without those features, anyone who gets their hands on the download link can access your files. It’s hared to single out the best service available, one option worth checking is box.net ($80-$200/year), which has been around for a few years and is reliable and simple to use.
Even if you find an online service you like, make a second backup copy of your most crucial documents to an external hard drive, DVD or CD properly contained, they’re still your most secure option.

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Global Access To Documents (Web-Storage)

Remote Access  (continues)





Free. Multiple platforms. Easy to install and use

Needs remote and client PC installation. Mac users

need to buy it.

Remote Desktop

Free/pre-installed on all Windows XP pro and all clients using Window XP or later. Can be used from Macs. Shares printers and hard disks

Remote must be Windows XP Pro or Windows Server.
On the remote PC the current user get logged out

PC Anywhere

Easy to use, Multiple features, File transfer

Needs remote PC & client PC program installation.

Go To My PC

Easy to use. Secure. Easy installation

Monthly (paid) subscription required


You can now pay your personal and business taxes on most on-line banks.

Did you Know ?

File Crunch: http://www.filecrunch.com/

You Send It :http://www.yousendit.com/

Xdrive:      http://www.xdrive.com/

You can also backup your files with online with services like:


As an alternative you can simply e-mail any file or document as an attachment  to your preferred webmail site such as Hotmail, Excite, Google Mail etc.
Most  of these sites allow you to create and organize your emails into  folders and have enough capacity to hold hundreds of files. (Read article above on security)


Free online Storage: (Keep your files accessible anywhere you go)

Use online storage for file sharing or to store and have access to your documents from any web connected device. Simply create an account with a web-storage provider such as the ones listed below and upload your files from your computer.