The New Television (Streaming Boxes)

Text Box: graphics system, makes the OS more responsive as you move windows or scroll through the Start screen. IE 10 and Office 2013 feel faster, too. Both printing and printer handling work significantly better, instead of having to keep track of thousands of individual printer drivers, Windows 8 can use a single driver to support multiple similar printers. In addition, the user interface for managing print jobs is simpler and more visual than in Windows 7.
The new Storage Spaces feature allows users to create redundant storage from drives to protect their data from drive

Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 8

The new Start screen is flat, rather than hierarchical, as earlier Windows OSs are; however, that simplification in design makes it much easier to navigate. Whether you use a touch-enabled screen, or the scroll-wheel on a mouse, practically everything you need for launching and managing applications is right there.

Numerous small improvements to the desktop user interface make many computing tasks easier to perform. Pull down the File menu in File Manager to see

Text Box: the systemís list of frequent places. Click the Home menu to get a pop-down ribbon of commonly used commands.
If you canít find an application by pointing and clicking, start typing its name; youíll likely find it via search.

Under the hood: The biggest improvements to Windows 8 are under the hood. The new Text Box:  Issue 10

Dec 2012


Technology Update

Should You Upgrade To Windows 8

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The dominance of disc-based media is coming to an end. With the rise of excellent streaming-media services like Netflix, Amazon Instant, Crackle, Vudu, and Pandora, it's easier than ever to ditch your discs and embrace streaming content stored in the cloud.


Media streaming has come of age. A class of products that was born back in 2008 with a simple box by Roku that streamed Netflix video to your television has grown to include devices that bring the entire Web to your TV screen. You might even say that the concept of living room convergence we've been talking about for years has arrived.


The following are† 3 popular streaming-media boxes.

Apple TV

Those who've already invested in iTunes content and Apple hardware will find the Apple TV to be an indispensable living-room companion, and it's an excellent streaming-video box for non-Apple folks as well.


Roku LT

The Roku LT is a great streaming-media box, offering tons of streaming content -- including favourites like Netflix, Amazon Instant, Crackle, and Pandora


WD TV Live

The WD TV Live (2011) offers a solid combination of must-have streaming services and excellent USB and network file support, making it one of the best devices of its kind.

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