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Text Box: and older PC’s will probably benefit the most from the upgrade. If you are currently using more than 256GB of storage space it would probably make sense to wait a few months for prices to decline a little bit more.
If speed is big priority but you don’t want to spend $1500 on a new high-end computer, investing around $380 on a SSD upgrade could make your computer 56% faster, save you a little on electricity an keep your data safer.
Text Box: What is a SSD
A solid-state drive (SSD) (also known as a solid-state disk though it contains no actual disk) is a storage device using   memory chips to store data.
SSDs have no moving (mechanical) components. This distinguishes them from traditional mechanical disks such as hard disks (HDDs) which contain spinning disks and movable heads read/write heads.
Compared with HDDs, SSDs are typically more Text Box: resistant to physical shock, run silently, perform much faster and consume less power.
While the price of SSDs has continued to decline over time, SSDs are still roughly five to six times more expensive per unit of storage than HDDs.
Should you Update?
Most computers will see a considerable improvement in both boot time and overall response when upgrading to an SSD’s however laptops  Text Box:  Issue 13

Nov 2014


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Text Box: You can use PDF files to share important documents with many different clients or business partners all at once. Though most PDFs are read-only documents, which means that they cannot be revised or edited, you may Text Box: sometimes need to allow readers to enter their own information into the file, as with contracts or applications. Adjust the document's security settings to allow for reader interaction with the PDF you've created.
There are several programs that allow you to do this; some are quite good but can be very expensive such as Adobe PDF Writer others are free but work exclusively online ( There are several programs that allow you to “print” you file into a PDF File including (Cute PDF,  Primo PDF).
Perhaps one of the best options is PDF Fill this includes a series of free tools that allow you to [Merge, Split, Encrypt, Rotate…..] Pdf files as well as -with some learning-  and about $20 upgrade cost, create complete fillable forms that you can send  via email to any person.


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