Text Box:  Issue 15

Dec 2016


Technology Update

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The Best Free Software

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Text Box: PDFill and Tools
With great tools to Create, Merge, Split etc. PDF files this software is easy to use and gets you closer to having a fully paperless environment. The basic creator and tools are part of the free package, if you need more advance features such as the ability to sign documents you must purchase the full version or buy a yearly on-line subscription.
Text Box: Hand Break
If you have a large collection of DVD movies or other videos in various digital formats and would like the ability to view them on your smartphone, notepad  or smart TV this is a great free video format converter. For purchased DVD’s you will need  additional software such as DVD Decrypter that allows your to un-lock the built in encryption.
Very good malware protection with antivirus or secondary protection if you have already have another antivirus.


Text Box: GIMP
If you have ever purchased and/or used Adobe Photoshop you know how powerful, complex and expensive this program is.
Gimp offers you an alternative that is almost as powerful, simpler and 100% free. It includes several tools like a cloning stamps, transformations, smart selections and several filters.
Inkscape is probably the best alternative to Adobe’s Illustrator and again it might not have the full power of Illustrator but it is a free and open-source vector graphics editor; that can be used to create or edit vector graphics such as illustrations, diagrams, line arts, charts, logos and complex paintings, it also allows you to export/import different formats.
Text Box: GenuTax
This is a multiyear tax software product for Canadian taxpayers.
I have personally used it and have found it to be great and easy to use.
GenuTax Standard is free, however, if you do find the software to be useful, they ask that you make a modest donation to support costs associated with the continued development.
With several MS Office “on-line” alternatives  such as: Google’s Docs,  Microsoft’s Office Live and Zoho it is very easy to simply use any browser to create/edit your documents; yet for the more advance users LibreOffice is a great free open source suite actively supported by many developers.
Text Box: Google on your smartphone can identify songs being played on the radio.
Did you Know ?


(Commercial free music and 5 music downloads per week)

XE Currency

(Currency Converter)

Smart Phone Apps


(Records events on the road)


(Pay or add time to your parking from your phone)



(Classical Composers)