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Oct 2017


Technology Update

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Ransomware Attacks!

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What is a Virtual Library?

Public library resources (e.g., indexes, magazines, books, music and movies) or online reference services are available over the Internet using your library’s membership Id.


You have a huge collection of free media without having to worry about return dates or losing items.

What do you need?

- Almost any Internet connected device (PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone).

- Install free apps such as:

· Hoopla

· Freegal

· OverDrive


E-readers such a the Amazon’s Kindle and many Kobo models do Not have the required apps to access the libraries so you must buy their media separately.


Even though the material is virtual you might still have to wait to borrow your book, movie … and there is a time limit on what you borrow.


What are Ransomware Attacks?

Using a stealth agent (virus or malware) hackers gain access to all of the user’s files, music, pictures.. etc. and in some cases the computer’s OS and then proceed to change the contents (encode) everything so that people cannot access these files unless they have a (decoder) key. This key is then offered to the victims at a price.

Recovery Process

For almost all cases decrypting the files is virtually impossible without the key, so users must either have a backup of their files or are left with the difficult choice of paying the hackers whatever amount they demand.

Should you pay?

There is not guarantee of any kind that the hackers will provide you with the key that will un-do the damage even after paying the

ransom. The price demanded could vary from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. It is always advisable to consult for technical advise before paying anything as it is sometimes possible to recover some contents not found by the virus or to assess the best course of action.

How to prevent

As always having up-to date virus protection on your computer a removable backup system and being careful when browsing the internet, opening attachments, installing “free” software and clicking on fake links.

Other Tips

· Always disconnect your backup drive after the backup is complete.

· Use free services such as Windows One Drive or Google’s Drive as additional cloud backup.

· Keep your computer off when not in use.

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