Text Box: connectivity costs, many online television channels or sites are free. These sites maintain this free TV policy through the use of video advertisement, short commercials and banner adverts may show up before a video is played.
Other devices such as Apple TV allow you to do the opposite that is, to send content from your computer directly to your TV.

Internet television allows the users to choose the program or the TV show they want to watch from an archive of programs or from a channel directory.

The two forms of viewing Internet television are streaming the content directly to a media player or simply downloading the program to the user's computer.

Today, almost every major broadcaster around the world is

Text Box: operating an internet television platform.
The ability to access internet television is heavily dependent on internet speeds. Accessing television on the internet has never been so simple, upon selection of a programme and website, the user may have to wait a few seconds or minutes to allow their desired programme to stream.
With the exception of Internet Text Box:  Issue 7, Vol 1

Dec 2010


Technology Update


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Internet TV

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You can receive or send money via email to anyone with a bank account (All Major Banks) in Canada.

Did you Know ?

1) Sign up for an online monitoring software for FREE such as mint.com, walletwatcher.com, or any other money tracking software that is available today. It comes down to personal use.

2) It will guide you through entering your online passwords to your banks, PayPal, credit cards, student loans, mortgages, etc.

3) Once you have entered your passwords it will upload data from your financial institutions and will give you various info. For example, there is an overview page that ads up all of your bank accounts money and ads up all the debt you may have on credit cards, loans, etc. This way you will now your net worth. Also, this will help you monitor your spending as you will know how much you can

afford by having all accounts together.

4) Most personal budgeting websites also allow you to set budgets (if you break them, they will send you an email alert or a text message whatever you might prefer). Therefore, you must set budgets for yourself if you want to use this part of the website.

5) Another available feature is the categorization of your spending. The online company will tell you the trends of your spending. For example, if you swipe your credit card at CVS Pharmacy, they will categorize it under health, if you swipe it at Ralphs Grocery Store, it will know you are buying food and it will categorize the spending as such. This allows you to see how much you are spending in each category and will allow you to know where you need to cut down.

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