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Text Box: → Microsoft Vista (conclusion)
If you use your computer mainly for business, donít care much about nice visual effects and are easily frustrated with unknown, new things or computers in general, there is nothing in Vista that you canít do with your current Windows XP, 2K.
If you like to be at the forefront of technology, are willing to accept some system bugs and use mostly standard applications Vista will improve your OS security, enhance the overall experience of using your PC and its simply more fun.
Which version should you buy?
Home Users: Home Premium
Small/Medium size business: Vista Business
How long should I wait?
If your computer is very old or is having constant problems you might not have a choice; but if you do, wait 3-6 months after its release before switching, and make sure your new/old PC meets the specs below:
Spec Data: Minimum requirements: 1.5-GHz CPU, 1GB system RAM, graphics processor capable of running Windows Aero interface, 128MB graphics RAM, 100GB hard drive, DVD-ROM drive, audio output, Internet access. 
Recommended: 2GB system RAM, 256MB graphics RAM.
Text Box: Did you know that you can use your cell phone and Text Messages to:
Search the web for stores and businesses in a specific neighborhood
E.g.   pizza M6C 2C5
Movie Showtime's
E.g.   ice age m6c 3c5
E.g.   Mark Twain's real name
E.g.   define prosimian
For more details go to Googleís website click more>> and select SMS
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By design the Internet was created with the principles of open access and sharing as fundamentals of the technology. This has enabled hundreds of thousand of people to collaborate, innovate, learn and create the millions of pages that we now use.

Unfortunately this same open access and sharing can be used by deceitful people to trick others into fake look-alike websites whoís purpose is usually to collect the userís id and password.

This is especially true of banks, and other financial institutions
where money is used.

 Banks will not send email messages to customers requesting
confidential information. Please do not act on any such emails.

 Secure sites have a special prefix (HTTPS://) as opposed to the regular non secure access (HTTP://) all secure sites should have a certificate that is automatically sent to the client computer, if the site doesnít have a certificate verify it first before you access it.

 Donít send any money or information to that poor widow in South Africa who will send you $1,000,000 if you only send her $50 to arrange for her husbandís fortune.

 Keep your antivirus up to date and donít open any suspicious attachments, simply delete them.


Text Box: Beware of E-mail & Web fraud
Text Box: Access Google from your Cell Phone

Microsoft has decided to offer six distinct versions of the Windows update. Here they are:

Windows Vista Starter: Sold only on new PCs in emerging markets such as India and Thailand.† and will be able to handle only a limited number of programs at a time.

Windows Vista Home Basic: Comparable to XP Home. Has the security and search abilities particular to Vista, but does not offer its fancy graphics or high-end media features.

Windows Vista Home Premium: A higher-end option for consumers. Adds support for Vista's new graphics as well as Media Center and Tablet PC features.

Windows Vista Business: Similar to XP Professional. It's the mainstream corporate OS; also contains extra tools for small businesses Windows

Vista Enterprise: Available only to customers with volume licenses. Includes all of the features of Vista Business, with the addition of encryption, Unix services and virtual machine capabilities.

Windows Vista Ultimate :Combines the features of Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows Vista Home Premium to offer the highest-end version of Windows yet.

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