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Traditional offices have paper-based filing systems, which may include filing cabinets, folders etc, all of which require maintenance, equipment, considerable space, and are resource-intensive. In contrast, a paperless office could simply have a desk, chair, and computer and all of the information would be stored in digital form. Once computer data is printed on paper, it becomes out-of-sync with computer database updates. Paper is difficult to search and arrange in multiple sort arrangements, and similar paper data stored in multiple locations is often difficult and costly to track and update. A paperless office would have a

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Apr 2013


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Thanks to dirt-cheap apps like iCam, remote surveillance isn't just for retailers; anyone with a computer and smartphone can set up their own video surveillance with little effort

When you're on vacation, traveling for work, or even want to set up baby monitoring, iCam provides the tools to turn your computer's Webcam (or an IP camera) into a surveillance camera that you can monitor remotely with your smartphone or tablet.

You'll spend $5 total, and get access to features like motion detection, multi-camera monitoring and audio streaming.

Step 1) Set up iCam on your computer(s)

Head to and download iCamSource for Mac or PC. Once


installed, start the program and select your Webcam from the drop-down list next to Video source. Then, create a secure username and password. Finally, click

electronic file cabinets and filing system tools.

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Here are some basic steps for the transition process:

1- Commit to going to a paperless office, and convince staff to go along with it by explaining the advantages
2- Check your existing computer hardware to make sure it's robust enough to handle added applications and file storage.
3- Make sure you have a reliable backup system.
4- Analyze what you need and plan to accomplish.
5-Think about what you're likely to need in the future

Technology Update

Start. If iCam asks, give it access through your firewall.

Step 2) Install iCam on your mobile device

To get started, get the app for Android (Play Store link) or iOS (App Store link).

When you launch the iCam app for the first time, it'll ask you if you'd like to receive push notifications when it detects motion; My advice is to begin by enabling motion notifications, only disabling them if you realize it's unnecessary or the pop-ups come too frequently

Then, log in with the username and password you chose in step 1, and you'll see surveillance cameras appear on screen.



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