Text Box: memory that was sufficient at the time of purchase, but as computer programs get more complex, they use up more system RAM; One thing to take into account is the 4GB memory limit in the 32-bit operating systems.
Hard Drives
The second easiest upgrade for a desktop PC is with the drives used for storage. Hard drive space roughly doubles ever two years and the amount of data that we store is growing just as quickly thanks to digital audio, video and pictures. If a computer is running out of space, it is easy to purchase a new internal hard drive for installation or an external drive. The main thing to be aware is that the new generation of HD using Solid State Technology have no moving parts and can considerably improve your PC’s performance.
CD/DVD Drives
This is probably the least expensive upgrade that can be done to a computer system. Most DVD burners can be found from around $30 for the latest models. They are very easy to install  and the extra speed and functionality make these a good upgrade for any computer that has an older CD burner or plain CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. The only thing is that this media is rapidly becoming obsolete most storage and applications are now downloaded directly from the Internet.
Installing a Blue Ray unit is just as easy but not all computers  will be capable of handle the load of a HD movie.
Video Cards

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Text Box: for sign-up offers in order to get free stuff (iPods, Ringtones, Televisions, etc.). •If you must provide contact information, try writing it out in creative ways such as (me [at] yahoo [dot] com).
3 Use disposable addresses to identify and shake off sources of spam
Have one main account. •Make a separate account for different purposes (one for friends, one for entertainment sites, one for your financial websites, one for high risk -junk).
•Set all those addresses to forward the mail to your main account so that you do not have to check multiple accounts.
•If you start receiving spam through one of your alternates, you can trace it to one of your disposable addresses and simply delete that account.
4 Use spam blocking tools
Most web mail providers offer them, or you can download one. 
Use the “This is spam” button if your e-mail program or  provider has one. This submits the e-mail to their spam-control people who can take care of business and improve their anti-spam filters.
If you have a Yahoo! account, you can use Yahoo!’s discardable addresses method.
Use Spam Gourmet, or others like it, with any e-mail account
If you are using MS Outlook, try installing a spam filtering plugin, for example SpamAid or SpamReader
Use the Block list and add the spammer’s domain name only. (However, this may not be that effective, since spammers normally use temporary addresses).

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Text Box: Most users will not need to upgrade the desktop video card unless they are looking for extra performance or functionality with 3D applications such as gaming. PC games advances at a very rapid pace such that new graphics boards are released about every six months.
Replacing a monitor only  requires you to check the type of connector you have (Analog or Digital). While buying a large monitor should give you a lot more room to view, on some systems you will still be limited by the built in resolution of your video card  thus you might simply have bigger fonts and icons but not necessarily more physical space to view./work.
Time to Replace?
If the overall cost of upgraded parts is more than 50% of the cost of a newer and better system, it is generally advisable to just purchase a new computer system instead of upgrading. Be sure to check out the Computer Recycling facilities in your area..
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Most Smart Phones including the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile OS have web based applications that enable you to track or locate your phone’s location in case it is lost or stolen.

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