applications can be used in either environment with minimal or no changes. Other more specific applications will probably not work or will require some tech help.
Q How long will it take to learn how to use it?
A Depending on your PC experience you might need a few hours to  a couple of days.

Text Box: Editor’s Note
Text Box: the phosphorescent coating inside monochrome monitors  but this type of monitor is rarely used today.
Be a smart printer. You can also reduce the environmental effects of printing with your computer. Consider using the clean side of used paper for printing drafts. You can also simply save your files as PDF documents.
Extend Your Computer's Life 
Donate it. When you are finished using your computer consider donating it to a non-profit organization.
Reuse components. Your monitor, keyboard and mouse can be reused with a new computer. Make sure your next computer is compatible with these components.
Request Paperless Bills . Most banks and companies will e-mail you your monthly bills if you request them. 
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Your computer can be a great tool and at the same time help lessen the environmental effects of our daily home/business activities; here are some suggestions on how to be environmentally friendly.

Consider the environment. Energy Star-compliant computers and monitors have been designed to reduce energy use when idle. Other environmental features such as a modular, upgradeable design, should be considered when choosing a computer system.

Enable power management. Look for power management features on your desktop or notebook to minimize energy use. These features enable the computer to go into low-power mode when not in use.

Turn it off. Computers are designed so that frequent shut downs will not significantly

Text Box: affect them. In fact turning off a system saves energy and may prolong the life of your computer. Even if you have power management enabled for your monitor, leaving a monitor on all night uses significant electricity. Get into the habit of turning off your monitor when you are in meetings and at lunch.
Skip the screen saver. Active, moving screen savers don't save any energy. Screen savers were initially designed to save

         Environmental Computing-Things you can do!

Text Box:             Should you switch to a Mac?
Text Box: Macs are nicely designed computers that are much less prone to get infected or corrupted with Spyware, Malware and Adware programs.
They are NOT however immune to system crashes, hardware problems buggy software or even counter intuitive commands and operations.
Some things you will want to consider before switching are:
Q Will it do what I need it to do?
A If your job or career requires that you use custom written "Windows only" software, chances are buying a Macintosh might not be the best decision Text Box: for you. Because the Mac won't run the same exact programs as it's Windows counterpart (and vice versa) not all of your applications could work on a Mac.
Q Can I afford it?
A Macs are 50-70% more expensive than a similarly equipped PC; however the Mac actually has an advantage over Windows in its low cost of maintenance.
Q How much of my Windows data and documents will work on a Mac?
A  Office, E-Mails, Acrobat, Photoshop, Music, Pictures and several other Text Box:  Issue 2, Vol 1

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