exports to PDF; Spreadsheets includes formula shortcuts; auto-saves files; works well with Microsoft Office files.

The bad: Google Docs & Spreadsheets' features are limited; still in beta and might take a while to learn basic tricks.

The bottom line: Google Docs & Spreadsheets beta gracefully merges word processing, spreadsheets and basic presentations within an online service that lets you collaborate with other users.

Text Box: remote access features included in Windows XP, as well as VNC (Virtual Network Computing) and other third party software.
What exactly is a remote desktop? Well, the idea of remote desktop software is to enable you to operate your home computer as if you were seated in front of it, from a remote, internet-enabled computer.
The computing experience will depend on your connection

Ever been away from home and wished you could get at your computer for just a second to get some contact info? There are any number of reasons why setting up your computer for

remote access is a good idea, and we are going to show you how to do it.






The ability to access files and information on your computer over the Internet is useful for work and play, as well as being just plain impressive . Several technologies are available to enable this kind of access. They

Text Box: range from the shared file system built into most versions of Windows up to the proprietary systems developed for such software packages as PC Anywhere, VNC, Goto My PC.
Remote control of the desktop brings the entire desktop of your home computer over to the computer you are currently using, allowing you to use your home computer as if you were currently sitting in front of it.
The table in page 2 details the pros and cons of using the

       `Learn to control your PC from far away

        MSMS Office Compatible (Word, Excel) applications on the Web

Text Box: Google Docs & Spreadsheets can handle the basics of daily office work, such as composing and editing text documents. crunching numbers in a spreadsheet, and making basic slide shows. While the features are far fewer than those of desktop software such as Microsoft Office, this online service conveniently lets you do your work anywhere and collaborate with other users.
To get started, just sign in with a Google user name using at least Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 1.07+, or Netscape 7.2. Setup takes just a few moments. 
Text Box: The most unique aspect of online software such as Google Docs & Spreadsheets is that it lets you grab and edit Office files from any computer with Internet access, then invite anyone to make edits or view a document. Microsoft has still not found a simple way to let regular Office consumers share their text and spreadsheets with other people via the Web.
The good: Google Docs & Spreadsheets is easy to set up and offers a clean interface; tags documents by subject; imports various file formats; Text Box:  Issue 3, Vol 1

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