T his page contains links to files we are making available for download. Click on the appropriate link under the Formats section of a file's description to begin downloading. ALL .ZIP file must be renamed to .EXE in order to install it


Item 1 DesktopOK_x64 Saves your Desktop Icons Order (Windows Program)
Item 2 Iview430 Photograph Manipulation and Viewer (Windows Program)
Item 3 Gimp-Photo Photo Editor (Windows Program)
Item 4 HijackThis Adware & Spyware Removal (Windows Program)
Item 5 Inkscape-0.91-x64-Ilustrator Vector Based Design (Windows Program)
Item 6 PDF Creator Edit/Create PDF Files (Windows Program)
Item 7 OpenOffice-3.3 Office Productivity Suite (Windows Zip Installation)
Item 8 DVD-Decrypter_3.5.4.0 Allows you to backup your DVD's (Windows Program)
Item 9 HandBrake-0.10.0-x86_64 Change Video Formats (Windows Program)
Item 10 Vlc-2.2.4-win64 Video Player (Windows Program)
Item 11 Ammyy Allows Remote Desktop Support (Windows Program)
Item 12 TeamViewer (PC) Allows Remote Desktop Support (PC Program)
Item 13 TeamViewer.dmg (Mac) Allows Remote Desktop Support (Mac Program)
Item 14 GNU Tax Income Tax Software [Free] (Link)